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We are now able to offer professional, independent Corrosion, Coating and Painting Inspection Services.


Our MD, Peter Smith, provides ICorr Level 2 Painting Inspection for all your coating projects. Please give him a call on 078 7551 6461 for more information

Professional, independent Corrosion, Coating and Painting Inspection Services from Supply Project Solutions Cardiff.

We are also able to call on the services of experienced ICORR and NACE-certified sub-contractors for larger projects.

We provide a rapid, first class service to clients by offering a comprehensive service from the initial survey to onsite inspections, ensuring that all works are completed in accordance with standards and the specification.

Our services include:

    Coating and Paint Inspection & Surveys

    Blasting and Painting Supervision

    Coatings Failure Analysis

    Paint Analysis and Environmental Testing


We offer these services throughout the UK.


Please call or email us with your specific requirements for further informationor for an instant quotation.

Order your products now from Supply Project Solutions Tel.: 0845 671 8555


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