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Paint & Epoxy Absorbent
Environmentally Safe - Non Toxic - Allergen  Free - Non Carcinogenic
What is it?
Polvo Powder is the professional’s choice for a universal liquid and semi-liquid spill absorbent. In particular Polvo Powder is an extremely lightweight product, and is excellent for the removal of paint, epoxy and other coating spills. These can be handled safely, effectively and without struggling with cloths, solvents, paper towels, mops or other equipment.
Lightweight - ease of storage.
Easy to use - no special tools needed.
Environment - no additives, inert, natural Safe - slip free surface, residue free Cost effective - one product.


POLVO Powder Paint from Supply Project Solutions Cardiff 


Will Help You With Those Awkward Spills!

Ever have those awkward moments, like when an egg lands on the floor and not in the frying pan? When the paint pot gets knocked over or when a bottle of wine or jam smashes on the floor even after your best attempts to catch them? How about kitchen waste Fats, Oils and Greases (FOGs)?
Polvo  Powder  is your solution for these and many more awkward spills or leftover cooking liquids.

Polvo  Powder  is highly absorbent and with 3 easy steps your awkward spill or liquid ends where it belongs, in the bin.

POLVO Powder from Supply Project Solutions Cardiff 


Absorbs The Cause of Organic Waste Odours!
Environmentally Safe Non  Toxic  Allergen  Free Non  Carcinogenic
 Polvo  Deo is a specially formulated environmentally safe blend of absorbents designed to  effectively and safely eliminate waste odours.

Polvo Deo absorbs the bacteria and toxic fumes that cause odours and insect attraction in decomposing organic waste.


POLVO DEO from Supply Project Solutions Cardiff 


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